Digital Bloom Online

The Digital Extension of the North Dakota Quarterly special edition on Digital Art, called the Digital Bloom, is now online.

To access the Digital Bloom, navigate to the site directly at:

or, scan any of the QR codes found in the print edition of the journal.

The Bloom contains digital access and content unavailable in the print edition including digital image files, audio and video content, and references/links for further research.

Click on any contributor on the right or top sidebars to access the digital bloom that accompanies their print content.

Yours in digital research and creative development-

Sharon Carson, Timothy Pasch , Kathryn Sweney

Welcome to the NDQ Digital Bloom

The guest editors of the special digitally-themed edition of the North Dakota Quarterly are hard at work preparing the journal.

This site is the “Digital Bloom” of the print-journal; accessible by QR codes embedded in the journal art, and a portal leading readers to digital content related to their articles.

Very sincerely and appreciatively yours-

Sharon Carson, Timothy Pasch, and Kathryn Sweney

The Digital Extension of the North Dakota Quarterly